Company History

Radiant Networks represents the vision and values of its employees and clients alike. A passion for wireless and an understanding of how it can shape your business to be more competitive in today’s economy drives us towards excellence. Our collective experience spans decades, long before secure wireless and mobility were mainstream in the enterprise. Our engineers draw on their broad experience, acquired from all major OEM manufacturers, and experience in verticals such as Healthcare, Supply Chain, SLED, and Higher Education.

Our expertise combined with our sustained ability to execute, ensures the very best solutions for our clients and partners. Whether a ‘work-from-home’ office or a large-scale design & deployment, our commitment to our loyal client base is apparent in all we do.

Radiant Networks, headquartered in Louisville KY, is one of the country’s leading Wireless Engineering and Consulting companies. Radiant Networks provides expertise in designs, pre-deployment site surveys, implementation, and troubleshooting of complex networks. We have a core competency in wireless infrastructure (we are vendor agnostic) along with expertise in the mission critical applications that demand ubiquitous coverage and access.

Radiant Networks was founded in 2006 by, Dan Cooper. Dan started his passion for wireless approximately 30 years ago as an Engineer at Telxon working on Supply Chain solutions and the leading edge OEM technology from the Aironet product line. He continued his wireless engineering work at Cisco when Cisco purchased Aironet. Dan left Cisco to start a wireless professional services company called WireSpeed Networks. WireSpeed Networks was purchased by Analysts International where Dan launched the Wireless Business Unit.

This level of expertise has allowed us to build a strong subcontract business where we are the wireless experts for the “tough” jobs by a variety of integration companies.

Today – Secure Wireless & Mobility empowers the workforce of large enterprises, small businesses and home offices alike, making all of them more competitive in today’s economy. Radiant Networks carved a niche in the industry long before it was “cool to do wireless,” co-founder Dan Cooper likes to say. The vital need for secure wireless & mobility, and the company’s vast experience and knowledge, continues to propel Radiant Networks’ on the front lines of wireless in the enterprise.

“Our partner-to-partner business model allows for scalable growth in all vertical markets, including the healthcare, government, education, financial, and manufacturing sectors.” .

Cooper serves as the CEO and is engaged in all facets of advanced engineering projects and pre-sales engineering components. “These are exciting times for our company as new technology integrations emerge with major OEM's to focus on secure mobility, IoT, and more,” Cooper said.

Radiant Networks is small and agile by design. This allows us to maintain our highest level of quality in engineering solutions that we provide. When involved in large-scale deployments, we have developed an Eco-System of wireless talent in the US and abroad.

“There are growing demands on Wireless bandwidth and reliability, and the critical role that WiFi and IoT plays to organizations continues to evolve,” Cooper said. “Our diverse capabilities and experience have catapulted our year-to-year growth because businesses of all sizes need wireless mobility, wireless security and the necessary management of those systems and services.”