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Radiant Networks expertise encompasses all aspects of WiFi networks design, deployment, analysis, and troubleshooting needs.

A Wide Spectrum of Wireless Network Services for Your Needs

Radiant Networks expertise encompasses all aspects of WiFi networks design, deployment, analysis, and troubleshooting needs. We specialize in Enterprise-class WiFi solutions – both indoor and outdoor wireless networks, Location-based services and active RFID, Voice over WiFi, assessments, troubleshooting, remediation, Consulting and Support.

Many installations kick off with a site survey, where we will apply the latest technology and data capture methods to assess requirements and performance factors. From here, design and installation will be planned and completed in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Our extensive experience results in solutions that incorporate industry best practices for design and security – with keen focus on the many requirements for highly sensitive or regulated industries such as healthcare or financial institutions.

RF Audits & Site Surveys

Our site survey team is equipped with custom site survey kits that are fully self powered and eliminate the need for customers to have a man-lift on hand. We can perform onsite RF Site Survey activities in the busiest of facilities and in a non-disruptive manner.

RF Projection & Prediction Analysis The prudent approach to deploying any system is to understand exactly the variables involved and whether your design will meet the performance goals desired. For a outdoor wireless deployments, these calculations can be made in advance to help make informed decisions. RF Path Profiling RF Path Profiles, invaluable in Wireless Bridging designs, illustrate the terrain features in the vertical plane between two locations. Sophisticated software leverages U.S. Geological Survey data to visualize the obstacles a proposed link would encounter. RF Link Budget Link Budget is a detailed account of all gains and losses the RF signal could encounter along its path. By gathering this estimation we are able to better project signal quality and network design requirements. Link Feasibility Link Feasibility is a combination of the RF Path Profile data, Link Budget, and performance specifications of the desired radio and antenna system. The factors are weighed to determine if the system will meet performance and reliability goals.

Radiant also offers a RF Site Survey Lite for smaller facilities or sites that do not have challenging coverage needs, or for lower-data rate applications.

Wireless Installation Methodology

  • Staging & Configuration

  • Installation

  • Integration

  • Validation

  • Optimization

Wireless Network Troubleshooting

With mission-critical applications running on your wireless network, you cannot afford extended downtime and loss of end user productivity due to intermittent problems. Radiant Networks’ team of certified technicians can properly solve these problems in a timely manner.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest in diagnostic tools such as spectrum analyzers and have both industry and vendor-specific certifications. Our knowledge armed with our proven approach for troubleshooting will insure your wireless issues are resolved quickly whether they be infrastructure or client-side problems.

Network Design

No matter what applications your wireless network needs to support, be it Voice, Data, Video, Location, BYOD (bring your own device), highly-secure or open guest, or all of the above – our depth of experience in design, assessment, remediation, and implementation services can give you the peace of mind that your wireless network is secure and reliable.

Wireless Installation Services

Our wireless installations follow a proven methodology to ensure your project is on-time and within budget. After initial configuration and installation and integration phase, validation and optimization insures reliable performance to seamlessly support business-critical end-user applications.

Indoor Applications

Today’s indoor wireless networks have evolved from casual connectivity requirements to requiring support for mission critical applications. Insuring your mission critical applications provide the connectivity demanded by end users starts with the right design. Radiant Networks’ proven methodology of wireless design, installation, and validation will insure your wireless network meets your current requirements and provides a platform to add new application demands of your end user community.

Outdoor Mesh and Point-to-Point/Multi-Point Bridging

Do you have a need to connect users in separate buildings? Today’s wireless technology provides very reliable and cost effective alternatives to fiber. Radiant Networks has the engineering talent to provide the best solution, path analysis, design, and installation to insure you have a robust network that meets your needs.

Wireless Security

Need assistance in securing your wireless network? Our experience in large highly-secure enterprise environments (especially healthcare) can help you lock down your system.

Spectrum Analysis

Radiant Networks offers professional spectrum analysis services to help identify RF interference issues that impact WiFi networks performance.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Simply put, a Distributed Antenna System – or DAS – uses a clustered installation of antennas to boost indoor cellular network coverage in areas with weak signal strength. These systems are often installed in areas with poor line-of-sight to existing towers, such as deep within very large facilities or inside underground transportation systems. Another common use is for areas with concentrated demand that would otherwise overwhelm existing network coverage, such as in hospitals, airports, and sports arenas. Radiant Networks offers a range of services help improve cellular coverage inside your building.

Wireless Consulting

Radiant Networks’ consulting services can save you money, uncertainty, time, and frustration. Our certified wireless professionals will work with you in design, optimization, evaluating alternative solutions, and implementing changes. Our specialized knowledge and standards of excellence will help you keep your wireless project on time and within budget.