Managed Endpoint Protection

Advanced Managed Enpoint Protection is the solution you need to protect your assets with todays advanced persistent threats

The Threat Landscape

The Threat landscape has changed over the years. With rise of ransomware ,like the now infamous wannacry, it is of up most importance a company protect their end users. According to a report from Verizon security 76% of todays attacks are financially motivated. 61% of  breached victims was small business with less than 1000 users. Radiants Managed Endpoint is a sophisticated Managed Endpoint solution that protects your users.

Managed Advanced Endoint Protection


Best in class 24x7x365 monitoring of your endpoints. Giving you peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated team monitoring your assets security


Get the information you need . Have comprehensive reporting  on what users are doing and how well they are protected

Help Desk

Provided with Managed End Point is our customer friendly help desk portal and create tickets for requests in your environment.


Radiant Managed Endpoint is constantly being updated. We use the latest technology in AI and machine learning to protect against Advanced Persistent Threats .

Easy Billing

 Take the guess work out of your budget. Radiant Manage Firewall offers predictable billing with flat rate pricing

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