The Electric Revolution is here

Our obsession? Making it easy.

No major industry will change more over the next two decades than transportation. Climate concerns are driving innovation and policy, with consumer demand for shared mobility exploding. Governments are enacting aggressive policies to curb emissions, automakers are investing billions in new EV models, consumers and fleets are shifting to electric all leading to mass EV adoption. From Riding shared transport, Delivering goods and driving work vehicles, and driving personal vehicles, we’re creating the new fueling network to move all people and goods on electricity. We sell integrated solutions and services to businesses and offer a home charger and free app to drivers. When businesses need EV charging to attract drivers, We sell EV charging solutions to meet their business goals. When EV charging is mission-critical, we empower businesses to manage fueling costs and maximize profitability. We’re building this new fueling network one parking lot and one depot at a time.

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“In 2040, 60 million electric vehicles (EVs) are projected to be sold, equivalent to 55% of the global light-duty vehicle market.”

—Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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