Business Partnerships

The Radiant Networks core business strategy has always revolved around the Partner-to-Partner or “B2B” Model. This approach will continue to drive the main objectives in terms of Radiant positioning ourselves in a manner that helps to serve as an extension of our Partners. Our passion for wireless and mobile computing has enabled our company to excel for over 16 years and counting.

Secure Wireless

Whether you or your client needs premised or cloud-based secure hardening for your environment, we have the expertise to guide you and your organization in the proper direction.

Engineered Solutions

Radiant specializes in Security, Network, Identity Management, NAC, and Wireless just to name a few. No matter how complex your project Radiant team of engineers can help you reach your goals

How Can We Help You


Radiant Networks continues to thrive on a Partner-to-Partner or “B2B” Business Model and approach.  Contact us to learn about becoming a part of our trusted Partner Community.

Engineered Solutions

Click here to learn more about the wide range of multi-vendor Engineered Solutions offered by Radiant Networks for IT Professional Services.

IoT - WiFi6

With the constantly changing IT landscape, Internet of Things has never been more critical to Enterprise Organizations.  Learn more about how Radiant Networks can help you on the cutting edge of integration IoT Sensor Based solutions into your network architecture.

Stay Ahead of Evolving Secure Wireless

The traditional passive approach to Wireless Security is no longer sufficient as threats continue to evolve.  Wireless Network breaches are costing companies billions in losses yearly, and many organizations never fully recover from damage to their brand reputation after a public incident.  Without the proper tools and resources in place to deploy them, it’s only a matter of time before most companies experience a security breach.


How Secure Is Your WLAN?

Companies should themselves these questions to understand where their security posture truly stands:

When was the last WLAN Audit performed?

Has a Wireless Hardening Assessment been completed?

If one of your Corporation has had their WLAN compromised, do you have a documented procedure on how to handle it and communicate this to stakeholders in the organization?

If you were hit with a Security Breach right now do you have a documented Incident Response Plan in place to minimize the damage?

Lastly and most importantly, what would a WLAN Security Breach cost us?

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