Radiant Networks: Industry Solutions

At Radiant, we deliver high-end solutions to multiple platforms. Industry wide, from Hospitals and Warehouses to Schools and Retail outlets, we have the experience and customer-centric focus your company deserves.


The Healthcare Industry faces more challenges than any other, with patient care, employee safety, and critical response situations being top priority. Let our decades of experience in Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Research Facilities and Labs help you in your mission-critical operations.

A hospital room with several doctors and nurses.
A group of children sitting in front of an adult.


Educational institutions today are looking to enrich the learning experience for students through 1 to 1 initiatives. A fundamental requirement for a successful program is a rock-solid network performance that will support the high density of users along with the bandwidth requirements of media-rich applications.

Radiant Networks can assist by analyzing your current and projected requirements and designing and implementing a solution that will meet the needs of this and other high-impact applications.


Enterprise wireless networks in today’s competitive environment often require support for mission-critical applications. Whether wireless-enabled video, voice, data or even video surveillance, Radiant Networks can help.

Radiant Networks’ proven methodology of wireless design, installation, and validation will ensure your wireless network meets your current requirements and provides a platform to add new application demands to your end-user community.

A man standing in front of a window with glasses and papers.
A large warehouse with many lights and lots of floors.


Mobility solutions can save time and money, improve operations, and provide accurate inventory control. Whether your requirement is for wireless hand-held client devices or deploying the infrastructure to support mobility clients, Radiant Networks has the talent and vendor partnerships to cost-effectively meet your needs.


Technology is playing an increasingly important role in Retail environments. From stock and supply tracking to POS and handheld purchase transactions, the “new normal” focuses on ease and efficiency for your customers. Radiant Networks engineers have the knowledge to help your business stay in business.

A large shopping mall with many people in it