Radiant Networks: Revolutionizing EV Charging Solutions

A woman is holding her phone and looking at the parking meter.
A woman is holding her phone and looking at the parking meter.

The Electric Revolution Is Here

Our obsession? Making it easy.

No major industry will change more over the next two decades than transportation, requiring a diverse landscape with electric vehicle charging. Climate concerns are driving innovation and policy, with consumer demand for shared mobility exploding. Governments are enacting aggressive policies to curb emissions, automakers are investing billions in new EV models, and consumers and fleets are shifting to electric, leading to mass EV adoption. From riding shared transport, delivering goods, and driving work and personal vehicles, we’re creating a new fueling network to move all people and goods on electricity. We sell integrated solutions and services to businesses and offer a home charger and free app to drivers. When businesses need EV charging to attract drivers, we sell EV charging solutions to meet their business goals. When EV charging is mission-critical, we empower businesses to manage fuel costs and maximize profitability. We’re building this new fueling network, one parking lot and one depot at a time.

“In 2040, 60 million electric vehicles (EVs) are projected to be sold, equivalent to 55% of the global light-duty vehicle market.”
—Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Our Integrated Experience

An integrated experience provides an effortless charging experience for your station owners and drivers. It ensures consistent performance, efficiency, and reliability at every touchpoint, whether one is using a mobile app, plugging into a charging station, managing the station, or analyzing charging data. You need an EV charging solution that works no matter how it’s used, where it’s used, or when it’s used. A solution that’s so reliable that you can just set it and forget it.

We deliver solutions that provide an integrated EV charging experience for businesses and drivers across every touch point and for every use case. We design, develop and manufacture complete, integrated hardware and software solutions for every charging scenario: from multifamily to workplace and fleet. From a top-rated mobile app and award-winning services and support to the most reliable network and stations, rEV has you covered.

We Scale to Suit Your Business

As EV adoption grows and charging becomes a necessity for your business, you want to rest assured that the charging solution you invest in today will set you up for success in the future by enabling you to support more drivers, add the latest software features and expand your EV fleet with minimal disruption to your business. The EV charging solution you invest in today must set you up for success tomorrow. rEV offers seamless, scalable solutions that grow with your business. We’ll help you get started easily, get up to speed quickly, and, when the time comes, ramp up effortlessly—all with minimal disruption to your business. Our extensive expertise with incentives, rebates, and grants will even save you money every step of the way. Sometimes bigger is better.

A close up of an electric car charging
A car dashboard with the steering wheel and dashboard lights.

Quality Means Reliability

You need an EV charging solution that works no matter how it’s used, where it’s used, or when it’s used. A solution that’s so reliable that you can just set it and forget it. Your EV charging solution has to work every time. That’s why rEV has made a major investment in quality testing on all our stations and software. Our EV charging solutions utilize an advanced in-house testing lab. We rigorously test all of our stations and software to ensure your investment can stand up to any element, scenario, or mishap. All of our products are UL-listed, ENERGY STAR®, and CE (EU) certified, and our modular design minimizes downtime. With so much riding on the New Fueling Network, your EV charging solution just has to work every time. With rEV, it will.

24/7 Support

Best-in-class support is essential for providing a high-caliber experience for all participants in the fueling network, whether one is driving a personal vehicle, delivering goods, driving work vehicles, or riding shared transport. rEV knows comprehensive services are critical for an exceptional EV charging experience. We have been in the business of electric fueling longer than anyone else. Since 2007, we’ve been working with our customers to design comprehensive services built around their needs. Today, from sophisticated networked solutions to top-rated service products, we have the resources to provide our own 24/7 support in multiple languages and the infrastructure to support drivers no matter where they charge on our network.